About RACE

Bangladesh RACE Management Private Company Limited, licensed by the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC). It was founded as a JV between a group of Wall Street veterans and local Bangladeshi bankers. Between the two, RACE’s management team possesses world-class investment management and capital market research experience as well as an extensive network of local business relationships. The analyst team of RACE consists of highly capable young Bangladeshi talent, trained to international standards. RACE takes the hard-earned money of its investors and puts it to work in the capital markets, based on rigorous research and strict investment discipline. RACE strives everyday to generate profits for its thousands of investors while minimizing risk to their assets.

Mission and Vision:

  • To introduce research-focused, process-driven professional investment management in a local context….
  • To safeguard our clients’ wealth, big or small, through the dedicated use of sophisticated risk management tools…
  • To improve the Bangladeshi capital market efficiency through the introduction of innovative investment products….
  • To train our next-generation with world-class financial knowledge so they can rise to the challenge of tomorrow’s complex and increasingly global capital markets.

To become the most trusted asset management company in Bangladesh by helping clients achieve their long-term investment goals.

RACE Approach to Fund Management: Highly Process-Driven Investment Approach

A flexible yet disciplined investment process is the hallmark of a professional investment management fund. Incorporating the intellectual capital and collective experience of the RACE’s senior investment professionals, RACE has developed a 7-step investment process:

Step 1: Universe Selection. The first step of the investment process begins with identifying the universe of stocks. These stocks are then classified in four categories based on RACE’s proprietary selection methodology.

Step 2: Focus List. The universe of stock is then narrowed down to build a prospective focus list. This step is usually done in phases. The first phase involves narrowing down the list through RACE’s proprietary filtering process. The second phase involves narrowing the list further through the fundamental research inputs.

Step 3: ‘Top Down” Analysis involves analysis of macroeconomic trends, analysis on broad market indices, analysis of fund flow trend to formulate sector biases and sector allocations.

 Step 4: “Bottoms Up” Company Analysis. This step involves a combination of individual security analysis based on multiple parameters, including valuation, qualitative analysis to identify business trends, competitive outlook and corporate management. These analyses are supplemented by company visits and information exchange with management.

Step 5: Portfolio Construction. The next step is to create an optimum portfolio with the goal of maximizing returns and minimizing risk.

Step 6: Risk Management. This step applies the pre-determined position limits to the portfolio, limiting sector exposure and individual stock exposure. Maintaining lower volatility is also an important concern; to this end, beta adjustment and other sophisticated risk analysis is used.

Step 7: Trade Execution: RACE uses a combination of quantitative strategies and market information to maximize its trade executions. To this end, RACE has selected a panel of brokers to execute its trades in an efficient and confidential manner.

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